Jim West’s Open Letter to the Journalists of the World

Jim West writes the following:

To the Journalists of the world,

Sometimes when you report on the happenings of the world of biblical interpretation and biblical archaeology you don’t get all the facts right.  I’m sure you’re trying your best and do what you can with the material you have.  But some of us in the fields of biblical interpretation and archaeology want to help you do better.

To that end, here are some people you can contact directly when you have questions in the subjects below:

Old Testament / Hebrew Bible
Niels Peter Lemche
Christian Brady

Ancient Texts and Scripts
Christopher Rollston

New Testament
Mark Goodacre
Chris Tilling
Francois Vouga

Biblical Archaeology
Eric Cline
Robert Cargill
Aren Maeir

General Questions
Jim West
Scott Bailey

I have modified this list slightly and added a few names to make it more appropriate for this site and added it to the sidebar for easy reference.


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